The nursery is open 47 weeks per year or your child may attend term-time only. These prices are consistent for 2, 3 and 4 year-old children.

If your child is funded then they will only be charged for the hours they attend over and above the funded hours.

Sessions and fees

School day session   08:45 – 15:15      6 hrs 30 mins                                                                £36.40

Including morning and afternoon snack of veg, fruit, crackers and milk.

School morning session   08:45 – 12:45    4.00 hrs                                                                    £22.40

Including morning snack of veg, fruit, crackers and milk. Provide own packed lunch or pay extra £3.00 for hot meal.

School afternoon session  12:45 – 15:15   2 hrs 30 mins                                                          £14.00

Including afternoon snack of veg, fruit, crackers and milk.

After school hour   15:15 – 16:15   1 hr                                                                                 £5.60

Including toast and milk.

We charge a £35 registration fee except for those in recipt of 2 year old funding.

We do not ask for a deposit.

For those attending 47 weeks per year the set holiday weeks are two between Christmas and New Year, one at Easter and two at the end of August. Please see calendar for details.

The term after their 3rd birthday all children are eligible for 570 per annum nursery funding. (15 hours weekly term-time or 12 hours for 47 weeks)

For those who have applied for and received the extended free 30 hours funding, we will provide up to 30 hours per week term-time or 24 hours for 47 weeks.

All sessions are avaiable to be used for free funding and we do not charge a top up or consumeables fee.

If your child attends over their funding limit there will be an hourly rate charged at £5.60.

We are registered to provide the 15 funded hours for eligible 2 year old children.

There is a 10% sibling discount on chargeable hours offered to the second child attending at the same time.