At Wagtails Nursery, your child will thrive in a happy, nurturing space.
Through fun-filled nursery days, they will develop a ‘can-do’ attitude and progress at their own pace. Experienced and highly qualified teachers will provide the very best interactions and opportunities for learning.
Your child will enjoy a naturally light and spacious playroom with cosy alcoves for small group play. They will explore a sheltered playground, beautiful wild forest garden, kitchen, IT suite, playground for running and a hall for gym and dance.
There are term-time or year around sessions, with flexible hours and no top up fees or restrictions for funded-only hours.
We are delighted to have our nursery in the grounds of the award-winning St Paul’s Primary School.


Testimonials from our parents

All sessions can be used for funded hours with no added fees or top up charges

School Day (part-time available)

£ 36.40
08:45 - 15:15

Working Day (part-time available)

£ 42.00
08:45 - 16:15

Extra hours

£ 5.60
Between 08:45 and 16:15

We are offering the first week of your child’s time with us at Wagtails free of charge, once you have registered to join for a minimum of one term. This is to allow your child to attend a few shorter settling in sessions to make their start at nursery a smooth transition.

These are amazing.

You will set up your own secure password on this system.

Thoughout your child’s time at Wagtails we will take photos and make notes for assessment purposes which are added to the online journal.

You will get a notification when there has been an addtion to the journal and can access the pictures and recorded information.

It’s a great way of seeing what your child is doing at nursery and a fabulous starting point of conversation for your and your child.

It’s your choice.

Regardless of whether your child is registered for school day or working day sessions, you can choose for them to attend either our term-time dates of 38 weeks or our year around alternative of 47 weeks per annum.

Any governent funding will then be split over 38 or 47 weeks.

At Wagtails we are registered to accept 2 year old funding for up to 15 hours per week on a 38 week term-time basis.

If your child attends for 47 weeks this will entitle them to 12 hours per week.

Many children are eligible for this funding which must be applied for by the parent.

Once you receive a reference number, please pass this onto the nursery so you will not be charged.

You may use this funding for any sessions and there are no top up fees charged.

Any hours over the funded hours will be charged at the normal rate of £5.60.

The term after your child turn 3 they will automatically be eligible for 15 hours free funded session per week for 38 weeks of term-time attendance.

If they attend for 47 weeks then they will receive 12 hours each week.

The forms will be completed by the nursery and you will be asked to check and sign your agreement.

This may be used in conjunction with the extended hours for eligible children to total 30 hours each week.

The funded hours may be used for any session and no top up fees are charged.

Any hours over the funded hours will be charged at the normal rate of £5.60

The term after your child’s 3rd birthday there is an extra 15 hours funding available each week of a 38 week term-time attendance.

If your child attends for 47 weeks then the hours for funding will be less each week. 12 hours each week free.

To be eligible, both parents must work at least 16 hours per week.

You are responsible for applying for this funding the term before you wish to use it.

Once you have been issued a reference number, this must be forwarded to the nursery.

This is added onto the standard 15 hours funding which is available to everyone, which is where the term 30 hours funding comes from.

At Wagtails, you may use this funding for any session and there will be no top up fees required.

Any hours over the funded hours will be charged at the normal rate of £5.60